Mobile peer-to-peer mesh networking library.
Integrates into iOS and Android apps and works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Allows apps on mobile devices to auto-discover and connect to each other via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without any intervention from the user and without using any Internet connection. Works both in foreground and background app modes.


Allows asynchronous transfer of messages, photos and sounds — all without freezing the UI of the app.

Message Routing

Routes messages from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth-connected devices and vice versa — so devices with turned off Wi-Fi will receive all the same data via Bluetooth.


Available for both iOS and Android.

Works between Android/Android or between iOS/iOS via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Works between iOS/Android viaWi-Fi only.

Library & Examples

GitHub iOSGitHub Android

Please note that for Bluetooth connection to work on Android, one of the phones must have Android 5.x AND support Bluetooth LE Peripheral mode (have "yes" in the last column here).



Binary version

  • Binary-only distribution.

  • You must place a link to this website in the description of your app’s store page.

Source code

  • Proprietary license for iOS and/or Android.

  • Library source code.

  • Paid support.